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Edition #39

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Art [Reblog] by [ profile]diminuel (Lamb!Cas AU | SFW)
Art [Reblog] by [ profile]diminuel (Castiel/Dean | Lamb!Cas/Wolf!Dean AU | NSFW)

Art for "Punzel" [Reblog] by [ profile]kamidiox (Jared/Jensen | SFW)


Quickened by [ profile]gryfndor_godess (Castiel/Jo/Dean | AU | R)
Keep on Rollin' (Like a Stone) by [ profile]elizaye (Castiel/Dean, Dean/OFC | High School A/B/O AU, non-con | NC-17)
Falling Like Dominoes by [ profile]Lynx22281 (Castiel/Dean | AU | G)
Devoted 70/? - 78/? by [ profile]Luciel89 (Castiel/Dean | A/B/O AU | NC-17)
It's An Animal Thing 19/? - 21/? by [ profile]DestielHardcoreLove (Castiel/Dean | A/B/O AU | R)
A Marriage of Convenience 9/? by [ profile]bellacatbee (Castiel/Dean | Game of Thrones AU | R)

Arms wide open 1/? - 3/? by [ profile]Waywardwriter07 (Castiel/Dean | G)
Into Your Hideaway 21/? - 27/? by [ profile]thepinupchemist (Castiel/Dean | A/B/O AU | NC-17)
Hot Blooded by sesshomaru_gal (Castiel/Dean | A/B/O AU)

Owned in Every Way 16/? - 20/? by [ profile]fireyhotspot (Michael/OMC | A/B/O | R)

Realizations and Revelations by ghost_writer26 (Dean/Sam | A/B/O AU | NC-17)
Summer Day by [ profile]Museu (Dean/Sam | PG-13)

Good Enough by [ profile]DestielHardcoreLove (Benny/Samandriel | A/B/O AU | NC-17)


You and I 19/26 & 20/26 by [ profile]Fatebegins (Jared/Jensen, Jared/Others, Jensen/Alona | AU | NC-17)
What Fate Brings: Mica's POV [on AO3] by obsidianromance (Jared/Jensen | Werewolf A/B/O AU | PG)
Between Us [on AO3] by obsidianromance (Jared/Jensen | Werewolf A/B/O AU | PG)
Your Law of Gravity 48/? - 52/? by [ profile]compo67 (Jared/Jensen, Misha/OFC | SciFi AU | NC-17)
Punzel 28/? - 39/? by [ profile]compo67 (Jared/Jensen | AU | R)
Earning A Miracle 1/18 & 2/18 [on AO3] by obsidianromance (Jared/Jensen | AU | R)
Red Like Blood, In Veins of Blue 38/? - 46/? by Anonymous (Jared/Jensen | Crimeboss!Jensen AU)

An Angry Blade by [ profile]sushistorm (Jared/Jensen | AU | R)

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